A.B.C. of S.E.X.

The Alphabet will never be the same...
By Mie Yim

Published Winter 2009
ISBN: 0-9777875-6-7
26 full-color illustrations on paperboard

$50 USD

$30 USD

The lexicon – A to Z, with lettering by the artist herself.

H is for Huge. I is for Interracial.

J is for Juicy. K is for Kiss.


Welcome to a world where J is for Juicy and X is certainly not for xylophone. Mie Yim’s twenty-six wickedly playful full-color illustrations show the alphabet as it has never been seen before, giving the very foundation of our language a sensual twist. Printed on traditional children’s book paper-board, this book insures that within its reader’s minds, A will never stand for Apple again.

About the Author

Mie Yim was born in South Korea. She completed her BFA at Philadelphia College of Art, with a year of additional study at the Tyler School of Art’s program in Rome. Her work has been displayed in numerous international solo and group shows, including exhibitions at Jeff Bailey Gallery and Lehmann Maupin in New York, and at the Galleria in Arco, in Turin, Italy. She currently lives and works in New York. This is her first book.


Why We Published This

Mie came to us with this idea for a book based on her own colorful, eye-popping artwork. We had wanted to do a small artist’s book, something that would showcase her knack for poppy, provocative illustration; once the idea of printing the series as a mock children’s book on true-to-the-source paperboard came about, we were sold.

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