A.B.C. of S.E.X. Special Edition

By Mie Yim
Includes a signed, low-run print enclosed
in a custom-designed fabric covered slipcase

Published Winter 2009
ISBN: 0-9777875-6-7
26 full-color illustrations

$200 USD

$100 USD
Standard edition also available

The lexicon

H is for huge.
I is for interracial.

J is for juicy.
K is for kiss.


The perfect sexy, hilarious gift for any art-lover with a sense of humor, the Special Edition of Mie Yim’s A.B.C. of S.E.X. includes a hand-made print of one letter of your choice, individually numbered and signed by the artist, and comes encased in a pink fabric slipcover.  Less than 10 examples of each letter have been created; all are available exclusively through Pointed Leaf Press.

About the Author

Mie Yim was born in South Korea. She completed her BFA at Philadelphia College of Art, with a year of additional study at the Tyler School of Art’s program in Rome. Her work has been displayed in numerous international solo and group shows, including exhibitions at Jeff Bailey Gallery and Lehmann Maupin in New York, and at the Galleria in Arco, in Turin, Italy. She currently lives and works in New York. This is her first book.


Why We Published This

There is something unique about every Special Edition we do, a feature that sets it apart and makes it a must-have item. For the Special Edition of A. B. C., that extra feature is the limited-run print, which captures the texture and true color of the original pastel drawings.

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