Art and the Modern Interior Gift Set

Samuel Marx and Helena Rubinstein traveled in remarkable different circles, but these two great design minds were united in shared adoration of 20th Century art. Each possessed the uncanny ability to integrate modern art into their interiors – Marx crafting his interiors as extentions and reflections of works by Picasso, Braque, and Matisse; Rubinstein drawing upon everything from African and Oceanic art to the then-modern masterpieces of Dali, Miro, and Alexander Calder. Documenting the best of their formidable collections, the Art and the Modern Interior Gift Set pairs Ultramodern with Over the Top.

Samuel Marx: Architect, Designer, Art Collector
By Liz O’Brien
$55 USD
Over the Top
Helena Rubinstein:
Extraordinary Style, Beauty, Art, Fashion, and Design
By Suzanne Slesin
$75 USD
Purchase these books together for $140 USD, and save $-10!

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