By Gustavo Malheiros

November 2014
ISBN: 978-85-60504-58-9
280 Pages / Over 150 Photographs

$95 USD

Nessia Leonzini Pope
Cross-Cultural Ambassador of Art

Marlon Teixeira

Renata Sozzi

Zé Luis

Guisela Rhein

Bela Gil
Television-personality and health-food expert and advocate


Acclaimed Brazilian photographer Gustavo Malheiros has been able to capture the way 46 Brazilians love, hate, and understand New York, the city they call home. Published by Arte Ensaio in partnership with Pointed Leaf Press, the large-scale 280-page book features stellar ex-patriots who have excelled in their professional fields—from financial analysts, to musicians, museum curators, models, and even a tattoo artists. Personalities include the singer Bebel Gilberto, the fashion designer Francisco Costa, TV presenter Pedro Andrade, MMA fighter Renzo Gracie, and artist Janaina Tschape. All were interviewed by the journalist Fernanda Bak of the Economist. The text appears in both English and Portuguese. Photographer Bruce Weber opens the book with a preface on the Brazilians in his life, and the book ends with a prologue by Gustavo Malheiros talking about his first photo shoots in Manhattan as well as his a description of the development of the two-year-long project.

About the Author

Gustavo Malheiros is a Rio de Janeiro-based photographer who specializes in lifestyle, photo journalism, and fashion. Malheiros started his career assisting Bruce Weber, and he has become a successful and influencial photographer in Brazil. He has developed numerous fashion advertising campaigns, and has photographed for Vogue Brasil, Oi, Trip and TPM
magazines. He is the author of O Coração do Brasil, Anônimos Famosos, O Livro das Águas, Ilhas brasileiras, Amazônia, Foi no carnaval que passou, Pedra e Luz, Backstage, Anônimos + Famosos, and Circo. Brazilyorkers is his eleventh book.


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