In both French and English Editions
By Daniel Rozensztroch and Shiri Slavin

Published Fall 2005
ISBN: 0-9727661-5-4
256 pages: Over 200 Illustrations

$29 USD

Playful plastic miniature brushes are for children and their dolls. A parade of plastic animal-shaped nailbrushes for toddlers has synthetic bristles.

English ceramic handles in the shape of a poodle and a butler make up these clothes brushes from the 1950s. These fine figurative designs in wood were used for promotional purposes in France and England in the 1930s.

A small electric Peugeot vacuum cleaner, called the “airbrush,” with a round body and a plastic handle and switch, was used in the 1950s for cleaning clothing and upholstery. Three in one: a gadget that acts as a fan, a vacuum brush, and a flashlight is from America in the 1950s.


What began with a small set of unique handmade brushes found by Daniel Rozensztroch and Shiri Slavin quickly escalated into an obsession. The result is a visual compendium of more than two hundred color photographs capturing the seemingly endless variations of a useful, common tool—the brush. A must-have for anyone interested in design, folk art, and collecting.

About the Author

Daniel Rozensztroch, creative director of Marie Claire Maison magazine, the leading French home design publication, has a special talent for focusing on ordinary objects in our culture. His other titles include Everyday Things: Wire (1994), Everyday Things: Glass (2001), and Hangers (2002). – Shiri Slavin is a Paris-based stylist and photojournalist for the magazine View. She has also, in recent years, created and developed “Baby Lou,” a line of baby products.


Why We Published This

Brush is a product of obsession – the manifestation of our instinct to collect, categorize, and document. In the final presentation, these everyday objects became something extraordinary – and we count this as one of the most fun projects we’ve ever worked on.

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