By Warren Neidich

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84 pages: Full color images

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Becoming Earthling, 24″ x 32″, magic marker, pencil on paper, July 2005.

The Guardian, Vilnius, 2005


International artist Warren Neidich’s latest series of work is titled Earthling and is the subject of this beautiful and fascinating book of photographs. Well-known critic Barry Schwabsky and globe-trotting curator Hans Ulrich Obrist give us their insights into these original artworks in the introduction and an interview with the artist.

About the Author

Over the last several years, as artist-in-residence at Goldsmith’s College in London, Warren Neidich has been combining photography and performance art. These photographs are the result of his exploration. Often taken in cafes and using found newspapers and magazines, which the artist has altered, the photographs are eerie, humorous and taken straight from today’s headlines.


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