Forever Green

A Landscape Architect's Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight
By Mario Nievera

Landscape Architecture
October 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9833889-9-9
233 Pages / Over 250 Illustrations

$75 USD

The sunrise over the fields and lawn in New Jersey, left, provides a romantic vista. The open sky along the Atlantic Ocean, right, is the ceiling of this “garden room” in Palm Beach, Florida.

Combining the colors of leaves and flowers, left, is similar to mixing paints on an artist’s palette: the lively hues found within each element make the entire landscape come alive. Mario has a passion for combining paving materials in numerous shapes, sizes, and patterns, right, and he especially likes the contrast of living, green plants with hard stone surfaces.

Even though the solid and impenetrable gate of this house in Palm Beach insures privacy and security, the message is nonetheless friendly due to the presence of the colorful and bright purple bougainvillea archway.

The beige granite walkways of this Long Island oceanfront estate are designed with grass joints that soften the pedestrian paths around the garden, while pear trees symmetrically frame the front entrance of the house.

Mario and Keith designed the pool at this historic 1927 residence by Carl G. Fisher. The coral paving and adjacent lawns are lined with giant Canary Island date palms that complement the house’s size and grandeur in a clean contemporary way.

The Spanish-style rivulet of water near the spa of this 1940s home in Palm Beach disguises its purpose into what looks like a fountain. Creeping fig, dwarf elephant ears, and pin-cushion shaped holly cover the sides of the raised spa.

The sloping lawns of this formal Georgian brick manor in Southeastern Connecticut is bordered by lady’s mantle, geranium, Spirea, and spots of annuals that ensure year-round interest.

Before the redesign of the property at Crestly, a New Jersey estate, an allée of different varieties of shade trees that lined the driveway had been neglected with its roots overrun by the lawn mowers that had been used to maintain the heavily sodded property. Mario removed the lawn and suggested returning portions of the land back to agriculture use—in this case, that meant hay. He also suggested lining the long driveway on both sides with rough-sawn cedar rail fences for a farm-like experience upon arrival.

Two views of the swimming pool, left, in this classical garden show how the surrounding areas have been planted with giant Podocarpus and Eugenia shrubs, while royal palms stand guard along the southward facing lawn, right.

Rivulets of water cascading over carved marble shells allow the water to flow and be circulated down the steep hillside at this historic Mediterranean Revival-style residence in Winter Park, Florida. The pool level was carefully established to complement the lake beyond.

Mario worked with Mario Buatta, the client’s New-York based interior designer, to create this rooftop oasis across from Carnegie Hall in midtown Manhattan. The pergola has a Chinese Chippendale roof design and is planted with vigorous growing Wisteria vine.


Landscape architect Mario Nievera presents his sensational gardens in his first monograph, Forever Green. Working with sophisticated clients who reside in areas as different as the idyllic Hamptons on Long Island, New York, the pastoral New Jersey farmlands, or the tropical coasts of South Florida, Nievera creates a diverse range of custom landscapes using a colorful palette of unique vegetation. From vibrant flower beds to elegant coconut palms and rustic ivy-covered trellises to hedges of Ficus, Forever Green explores the ways in which Nievera uses nature as a tool for design.

About the Author

Nievera Williams Design is one of the top landscape architectural firms in the country. Nievera and his partner Keith Williams plan and develop diverse projects for residential estates, community parks, and corporate and institutional properties, both nationally and abroad. The work has been recognized in many national and international design publications, and his firm has earned numerous awards and recognitions for their superlative work.


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