New York Dogs at Work
By Michelle Rose (Photographs)

Photography / Lifestyle
November 2015
ISBN: 978-1-938461-30-9
208 Pages / Over 200 Illustration

$50 USD

Iris, Airedale, 4 months old
Senior & Shopmaker Gallery, Chelsea

Salvatore, Italian Greyhound, 10 years old (left)
Luca, Italian Greyhoud, 10 years old (right)
The Kurland Group, LGBT Civil Rights Firm, Financial District

Oskar, Mini Australian Labradoodle, 5 years old
Jed Johnson Associates, Interior Design, TriBeCa

Riot, Shepherd Mix, 1 year old (left)
Parker, Black Lab Mix, 10 years old (right)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Television Studio, Hell’s Kitchen

Geoffrey, Italian Greyhound, 8 years old
Architecture in Formation, Chelsea


K9-5: New York Dogs at Work is a collection of photographs that celebrate the culture in New York of bringing your dog to work. Studies have shown that having dogs in the office lowers stress and can even increase productivity. New Yorkers are known for having the longest work weeks resulting in many bringing their pooches with them to work. Featuring the offices of lawyers, hair salons, interior designers, furniture and textile showrooms, architects, jewelry boutiques, art galleries and many more with all types of dogs from Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, a Great Dane, Labradoodles, Corgis, French and English Bulldogs, mixed breeds, rescues, and others. With photography by Michelle Rose and a preface by famed dog trainer and author Bashkim Dibra, the book intimately shows these adorable ‘workers’ and the beautiful spaces they inhabit from nine to five.

About the Author

Michelle Rose is from West Virginia and has been living and working in New York City for the past twenty years. She worked full-time for renowned architect Alan Wanzenberg for over twelve years photographing his projects. Her work has been published in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and featured in Journey: The Life and Times of an American Architect by Alan Wanzenberg (Pointed Leaf Press), The Bald Mermaid by Shelia Bridges (Pointed Leaf Press), and an upcoming book by Heath Tiles.


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