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Stafford Cliff

Stafford Cliff has designed books for Pointed Leaf Press since the beginning. His signature touch has helped create a cohesive visual language that both sets our titles apart and ties together our catalog as a whole. The author of countless books on design & decoration in his own right, Stafford’s resume includes a twenty-five year stint at Conran Design Group, where he formerly served as creative director; he lives in London, yet (and we are biased in this matter) does his best work at a certain first-floor office at 136 Baxter Street in Manhattan.

Dominick Santise

Dominick Santise – Nick, to us – is one of the most talented production men in the business, and the guy who essentially translates our ideas into printable material. As a member of the design team Studio 1482, his talents for illustration, photography, and design have been recognized & published in a variety of mediums; at the Pointed Leaf Press offices, he’s been known to save the day on a nearly, well, daily basis when it comes to production matters.

Michel Arnaud

The photography of Michel Arnaud has been featured in House Beautiful, O, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and The New York Times. As part of Pointed Leaf Press, his work has made projects by Diamond Baratta, Sherrill Canet, and Scott Sanders leap off the page. With a sharp, innovative eye and a knack for bringing interiors to life, Michel has provided – through his images – the driving force behind so many of our titles.


Rumors is a multi-disciplinary design collective based in Brooklyn and formed by Holly Gressley, Renda Morton, and Andy Pressman. (Okay, okay, we stole that from their site, which is here). In short, they are the guiding light/force/aura behind this website. Aside from being phenomenally talented, knowledgeable designers, they are great people who are always willing to lend a kind hand or answer any question.

Antoine Bootz

Antoine has joined forces with PLP to photograph interiors for many of our latest and upcoming titles. As an artist and commercial photographer, with his work appearing in magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, Elle Decor, and House & Garden, just to name a few, numerous exhibitions, and with commercial clients such as Herman Miller and Anthropologie, we are thrilled to have him on our team.

Sam Shahid

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the brilliant and infamous Sam Shahid, President and Creative Director of the highly-esteemed design firm Shahid & Company, and his extremely talented Art Director, Betty Eng. They have beautifully (and tirelessly) designed two of our fashion titles, Drawing Fashion: The Art of Kenneth Paul Block and Eleanor Lambert: Still Here, among others, and we’re happy to say we’ve got more projects with them in the pipes.