Talking Heads

The Vent Haven Portraits
By Matthew Rolston

December 7, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-938461-00-2
224 Pages / Over 100 Full-Color Illustrations

$75 USD

Powers Girl

Sally Lunn

Johnny I

Skinny Dugan

Vent Haven Museum founder W.S. Berger, left, dines with ventriloquist Dick Bruno, right, and Bruno’s figure, Joe Flip, at The Wivel restaurant in Manhattan in the late 1940s.

A collage of historic ventriloquial memorabilia includes headshots, posters, and a scrap book.


Influential American celebrity photographer, director, and creative director Matthew Rolston turns his eye for portraiture to a new cast of characters with the launch of Talking Heads, The Vent Haven Portraits. Using techniques he has honed over decades of celebrity portraiture, and marking his first foray into the world of fine arts, Rolston has captured the inherent humanity of a rarely-seen collection of unique entertainment figures: ventriloquist dummies. Unearthed from the intimate and obscure Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Rolston used a rigorously formal photographic approach to bring out the power in the faces of these figures through a series of 100 portraits, or “headshots.”

About the Author

Matthew Rolston has been strongly identified throughout his career with the revival and modern expression of Hollywood glamour. His photographs have been published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, and the New York Times Magazine to name just a few, and he has written and directed music videos and television commercials for a wide range of high-profile clients.


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