The Art of Fashion Gift Set

Get the best of fashion design from both sides of the Atlantic with the Art of Fashion Gift Set. Featuring Be Dazzled!, the only illustrated volume of the life and career of British fashion designer Norman Hartnell, and Drawing Fashion, the complete retrospective of beloved American fashion illustrator Kenneth Paul Block, the Art of Fashion Gift Set is brimming with gorgeous designs by some of the greatest talents from the past century of high fashion. Block and Hartnell’s fascinating, uncommon lives are in these monographs recreated in exceptional detail. Dotted with cameos by everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Steven Miesel, these books make for a chic, glamorous pairing unlike anything else in the Pointed Leaf Press catalog.

Drawing Fashion
The Art of Kenneth Paul Block
By Susan Mulcahy
$95 USD
Be Dazzled!
Norman Hartnell: Sixty Years of Glamour and Fashion
By Michael Pick
$65 USD
Purchase these books together for $130 USD, and save $30!

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